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Promote Forumotion » Welcome » Promotions » Discover Forumotion Packages: the new way to evolve your forums

POST 1on Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:15 pm


Discover Forumotion Packages: the new way to evolve your forums Empty Discover Forumotion Packages: the new way to evolve your forums

Dear users,

As we told you in this topic, we are pleased to announce the arrival of Forumotion packages. A new way to enrich your forum and customize your members' experience through a redesign of paid features management. Cool

Presentation of Forumotion packages

Forumotion packages allow you to enrich your forum with additional features. As you know, Forumotion offers for many years the possibility to create a free forum, with a rich diversity of features.

If, by default, our forums offer most of the tools necessary for the proper use and development of your forum, some paid options can enhance it with new features, and improve your members' experience (ads deletion, SSL certificate, custom domain name, etc.). Until now, these paid options were dispersed in the administration panel.

Today, and thanks to the arrival of Forumotion packages, the purchase of a package will allow you to access a set of additional features, while leaving you free to activate or not, step by step, each of these options. Very Happy

These packages are primarily a response to technical issues that disrupt the proper use of the service, particularly because of the international nature of Forumotion. But they are also the manifestation of an evolution of the web, and the world of forums. These have evolved a lot in nearly 10 years, and Forumotion must evolve in the same direction in order to adopt an operating model to guarantee the quality, viability, and continuity of our service.

What are the different offered packages ?

Forumotion forums offer three packages: Free, Advanced and Premium. Here is a non-exhaustive presentation:

    - Free package: this is the default package for all Forumotion forums, which continues to offer features that allow relevant use of your forum. These features include access to advanced permissions, image hosting, optimization of your forum for SEO, unlimited number of topics, members and messages, etc.- Advanced package: in addition to the features offered by the free package, the advanced package offers, among other things, more storage space, a higher newsletter limit, the possibility to activate an SSL certificate or to acquire a domain name, etc. - Premium package: it is the most complete package, offering the most functionalities, such as the monetization of the forum, the suppression of copyrights, an improved search which extends to the content of messages, the personalization of the"Popular content" newsletter, etc.

You will find a more complete presentation of each package in your administration panel, in the Misc tab.

How can I subscribe a Forumotion package?

The subscription to a package can be done with two methods of payment:

  • Either via an annual payment: In this case, you pay your package in a single payment, for a validity period of one year.
  • Or via a monthly payment: With no due date and no commitment, it allows you to access Forumotion packages by paying very accessible monthly fees and to spread the payment of your package. Note that the annualized subscription includes 2 months free.

Forumotion packages use credits, the virtual currency specific to Forumotion forums. Subscribing to a package on an annualized basis requires therefore to have a sufficient balance of credits on the forum. Nothing changes, the purchase of credits remains made in the same way as in the past, via Allopass, Paypal, Hipay or Skrill.

The monthly subscription is only possible via Paypal (the use of a PayPal account linked to a valid card or bank account is mandatory), the only means of payment to set up a satisfactory monthly payment given the technical constraints we know.

To subscribe to a package, go to your:

Administration panel > Misc > Credit Management - Forumotion Packages

We hope that these innovations will bring you full satisfaction.

Forumotion team king

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