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POST 1on Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:13 am


Christmas Contest 2017 Empty Christmas Contest 2017

Christmas Competition: The best banner

Hello dear Forumotion members,

I am pleased to announce to you our latest contest for the Christmas holidays. The contest will be a banner contest and with this, you all get a chance on winning credits for your forum.

Rules of the competition

  1. Each member is allowed to participate with only one entry.
  2. The banner must have a Christmas theme to it.
  3. You need to create a banner for the English Support Forum.
  4. The banner must have dimensions 865x201px.
  5. The banner must contain the texts "Forum of the Forums" & "Official Support Forum of Forumotion".
  6. The banner must fit the header of the Support Forum (you have to use as background color #369FCF or transparent).
  7. The banner must be in English only!
  8. Staff members can't enter this contest.
  9. You can not take part in any other contest on other support forums.
  10. All entries must be unique and not copied or taken from anywhere else.
  11. The winners will be declared by a vote between the Staff members of the English Support Forum.
  12. Deadline for your entries: Monday - 18th of December.

The prizes

Christmas Contest 2017 Medal-red-premium-icon First Place: 1000 credits
Christmas Contest 2017 Medal-silver-premium-icon Second Place: 500 credits
Christmas Contest 2017 Medal-bronze-premium-icon Third Place: 100 credits

The winner’s banner will be added to the support forum, when votes are counted and credits will be given, when we have all the winners forum addresses sent by PM to APE.

Good luck to each and every one of you and may the best banner win!

From the Forumotion Team.

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