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POST 1on Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:34 pm


A new forum version for Forumotion forums - ModernBB

Dear users,

In order to improve our services, Forumotion is pleased to offer you a new forums version to ensure a better user experience. This new version, which we have called ModernBB, is added to the 4 Forumotion forums versions already available (phpBB2, phpBB3, punBB and inVision) to constitute the 5th version available for your forums Very Happy

It's accessible from your administration panel > Display > Skins > Choose a theme > Version > ModernBB.

ModernBB brings to your forums a more refined and aerial design with new innovations : New design, full-width banner, sticky navigation bar, retractable sections, ... Etc. Cool

Another novelty will also be available exclusively on this template. It's the possibility for the admin to choose the forum version which will appears on mobile browsers (Web version of the forum or it's mobile version).

This choice is available for forums who defined ModernBB as the base version of the forum in the administration panel > Display > Templates > Mobile Version> Mobile configuration :

Without saying too much, I let you discover all the potential that ModernBB offers to your forums by yourself ... Wink

Hopefully this new Forumotion forums version will bring you full satisfaction!

The Forumotion team king


Note that the ModernBB version is still in BETA phase. Although it has already passed our tests, it's not a definitive production version. It may contain some visual or functional bugs. So please help us to highlight any residual bugs.

Note that the ModernBB version does not yet give you access to it's templates edition. Only mobile version templates remains accessible at the moment. This will allow us to optimize and correct the possible problems faster.

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